SICOR 7: “Well, that red light says we’re going to crash, and that giant red symbol on the screen says that its a Q.” -Tao Coppa:P1


GREGOR: “All things posses value, the Gregorian people have realized this to its fullest extent. All things have a price, and nothing comes without price. The rest is just negotiation.” -Excerpt from the Hamman Procurum.

ETHERIA: “We the Etherian Council offer Utopia for those qualified, and execution or worse to those who are not.” -Leaked High Council communication from Senator Kasensky. The Senator claimed that this was a joke that was taken out of context.

MALOS: “Malic men, women, and children have been slaves to conquerers on and off for over 200 years. The only option appears to be becoming conquerers themselves.” -Cha’nook


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